Art as Decor

Last summer, I had a family member reach out to me to commission a painting for her. She wanted something to go something with a summer look to hang in her bedroom as decoration. Of course, I immediately felt special for even being asked to do the painting, but now that the painting is officially hung … I am SPEECHLESS!

During the period of time I was creating this painting, I was very back and forth with what exactly what I wanted to do. I went for a sunrise/sunset look, but being one of my first paintings for someone, I was very stressed on making it “perfect.” This stress always comes on when commissioning a painting for someone, but I definitely know how to handle it a lot better. This painting took around 2-3 months to make, and at first I was not too ecstatic about the final product. But I went with my gut and gave it to my aunt. Now that a full year has passed since this painting has been completed and now is finally hung, I am in shock of how much prouder I am now than a year ago. My painting is nowhere near the absolute best but I am still happy to see how far my pieces have come. Seeing my piece finally hung definitely serves as reassurance.


Featured Image: Sunrise reflecting in water

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