Art by A.I

Happy break everyone! Today I wanted to share about an app that has been taking social media by storm for its A.I. powered art. The app is called Dream by the A.I. company Wombo. The app works by giving you the option to plug in prompt words and then choose a style of art, and it then uses A.I. technology to randomly generate images based on those prompts. The art the app generates is often abstract, expressive, and ethereal, and always incredibly intriguing. Often it can recognize even the most niche prompts and integrates elements of those prompts in the composition, color, or subject matter.

To show you just how cool this app is, here are three examples of art made with Dream.

In the bottom left-hand corners, you can see the prompt names, which for these are “city”, “robot”, and “magic”. These are just a few examples of the infinite options you can create with the app.

This app is a great example of how technology can be paired with art in the 21st century. It’s a super fun app to play around with trying different prompt words and art styles. It has also inspired some art projects of my own based on its creations, so it can encourage personal art making in the users as well. If you want to download Dream for yourself, you can access it here:

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