Art Department Bucket List

Happy new school year everyone! I’m now back to reporting about On Campus Art events and passing along stories from successful art alumni. As you probably know, this is an exciting year for Marywood because we are celebrating our 100th birthday, and the art department will be joining the celebration. There are some great exhibits and events coming up, like the Art Faculty Biennial, appropriately titled “100 Years/100 Works.” But before all that, I’d like to take the chance to welcome all of the new freshmen art students to Marywood! Hopefully some of you read this blog last year as you made your college decisions, and now you get to experience all the good things we blog about every week. Here are my top five “bucket list” items that every Marywood art student should do before they graduate. Freshmen, get planning!

#5: Take a really bad selfie with the Marywood Pacer

I have to get the silly one out of the way first. Come on, you know you want to. Go visit the pacer statue on the third floor of the Insalaco Center. I think he gets lonely.

#4: Grab a spot on the New York City trips

Once each semester the art department will announce sign-ups for a NYC day trip. Basically you ride the bus down with fellow art students, and once you get there you have unlimited access to the Big Apple and all the art it has to offer. I highly recommend going to the Chelsea District and scoping out the smaller galleries first.

#3: Go to First Fridays

The Scranton First Friday events will usually feature some Marywood student/faculty work, especially at The Workshop owned by Design Professor Chris Medley. Chris and the CMYKlub have done some neat exhibits in the past at the workshop, and it’s always fun to check out her letterpress studio.

#2: Explore the galleries!

Not only are there cool temporary exhibits, but we have some valuable permanent collections here as well. Hint: ask Mr. Bob Schweitzer for a tour to enhance the experience.

#1: Take different classes!

So you’re a graphic design major? Take a ceramics class. An art therapy major? Take photojournalism. Follow your passions and take new classes to explore different areas of art to complement your major.

Did I miss anything? What’s on your bucket list? Leave your feedback below!

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