Art Directive

strung and braided yarn hangingThis week in my art therapy internship class we went to Candy’s Place, a holistic wellness center for cancer patients. It was my week with a partner to come up with an art directive to do. I thought of turning a DIY decor craft I do personally into an art directive with meaning. I planned to make yarn hangings/tapestries that can represent their strengths and maybe the people in their life that are their support system; it was to represent empowerment overall. I wanted to have the directive be something the group could take with them as a reminder of their strengths, maybe something they could put in their hospital room to liven it up if they ever have to stay there for a while.

I had read a couple articles on art therapy with cancer patients when thinking about this and some of them mentioned that it’s helpful to give them IMG_4621options since they don’t exactly get an option in life. Therefore, I bought a bunch of different yarn colors as options and my partner bought a bunch of different bead colors as options to add to the hanging as well. I also figured this was a very versatile directive; it can be used with many different populations with similar objectives.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to do the directive with the group because it was a slower day for the facility due to most activities their happen on Monday, Wednesday and Friday; we were there on a Tuesday. We made the best of the situation and made yarn hangings ourself for the facility to give to the patients or sell since they are a non profit organization. I hope to one day do this with a group because I believe this will be successful.

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