Designing a Board Game!

Just had my critique for my board game project for my Graphic Design II class! It took multiple weeks to work on it, and now that it is finally completed it feels great to see the end results. It was my first group project since being here at Marywood, and it was a really interesting process of trying to adjust working and collaborating with others for the first time. I discovered that there has to be a lot of communication in order for our project to be successful, and it is important to make sure that even though multiple people are working on the same project, it all has a cohesive look with one another.

I discovered that there has to be a lot of communication in order for our project to be successful

For our game design project, my teammate, Maci, came up with the idea of a spin on the game of “Would You Rather?” where depending on what option you chose you had to complete a task either secretly or while being watched by the rest of the people playing. Collectively, we came up with the name “Did You Catch That?” and we decided on both a color palette to use for the overall design as well as a unifying symbol. The symbol we decided on was a modern looking question mark, and we gave it a cool mosaic look by using all of the colors we had chosen for our color scheme. We then divided up our tasks evenly on who would design what. The final decision was that I would design the front and back of the game box, my team’s leader, Maci, would design the cards and instructions, and my other teammate, Amanda, would design the game board.

I am really pleased with the overall design, and I am very happy with how professional the design came out. I could totally envision this being on the shelves of stores, and I think we did a really great job of giving a fresh and modern take on board games.

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