It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like X-Mas

This weekend I went to Lackawanna State Park to take photographs for my landscape project in my Color Photography II class. Let me tell you, it was freezing! I don’t think the Scranton area got the memo that it’s supposed to be fall right now. I think Mother Nature just decided to skip right over fall this year and go straight to winter.

Anyways, I realized that going to a lake to take photographs this weekend was going to be cold either way. Whether it be in the middle of the day or late afternoon. I got to the State Park around 3pm and lets just say that I couldn’t feel my face or my fingers afterwards. I was surprised that I was still able to take photographs, but it kind of hit me that I probably should have worn gloves; you live, you learn.

Since I got to Lackawanna State Park a little later than planned, my photographs were a bit darker than they have been. I think this was a good thing because it gave me a chance to work with a small amount of light and see how that affected my photographs. Some of the photographs that I took, I tried making them darker than they should have been. Then in post processing, I made them a little lighter so that they still had a dark eerie feeling to them, but also light enough that the details in the photograph were able to be seen. The outcome of this technique with some of my photographs actually came out to be very eerie. Especially the photographs that have one white tree in them because of they pop out of the scenery more than the trees around it.

Even though not all of my photographs have a dark, eerie feel to them, to me, they came out pretty well with how little light there was at the time that I took them. I also learned on this trip to bring gloves next time!

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