Recreating Paintings

I recently created a post talking about an abstract painting project that I started in my Painting II class at Marywood. To build off the idea of abstract painting and being able to understand it, we were given a separate project to help us come up with ideas to approach this bigger three-week long project. For this side project we were given a set of abstract paintings to try to recreate ourselves. We had to do this to figure out the process, use of colors, and other things similar to that.

I chose to do a painting by the abstract painter Sonia Delaunay called, “Rhythm Colour no. 1076.” I liked this one because of how technically driven it was and the way that she used her colors. I started out by recreating the dimensions and using a ruler to draw out the proportions of the shapes. Then I mixed colors that were similar to each other and painted those where they were used in more than one spot. I thought this painting was an interesting and awesome approach to abstract artwork. The hardest part for me was trying to mix the paint colors she used because I wasn’t sure exactly how she came up with them. I think when I go to create my own abstract painting that I might use some techniques that Delaunay used in some of her paintings, such as the clean lines and shapes.

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