Art for Increasing Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is something that everyone struggles with to some degree, especially teenagers and young adults. In times of high stress, we tend to criticize our looks, intelligence, and talents. High self-esteem is something most people desperately strive for, but are constantly asking themselves how do I achieve this?

When thinking of the different characteristics and traits that make up a person I tend to think of flowers. No two petals on a flower are the same, but each contributes to creating the flower as a whole. This idea of being represented by a flower sparked an idea that I decided to try: I drew a flower and in the petals wrote all my positive qualities. 

If you choose to do this, here is what you will need:
-Colored pencils, crayons, or watercolor
-A dictionary 
-A quiet space

I started at the center of the flower and wrote “me.” You can write your name but I chose me because I felt that this brought more focus to myself. Then I drew petals and began writing in positive adjectives that described myself. When I finished and looked back at my piece, I realized that while it was not easy, I felt better about myself. If I begin to doubt myself and my capabilities, I look at this simple drawing of a flower and realize that I am unique and just because I am not successful in every aspect of my life does not mean I am not successful as a person. This idea has inspired me to begin making drafts to paint a large flower with my positive qualities on my bedroom wall when I return home for break. If you read this and decided to try this, please feel free to post your thoughts about this process in the comments!

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