Logos Continued

Last week I was sketching out ideas for the logo design for FISH, the local pantry of my home town. I start here by going through my process from rendering my first idea, then to revising, then finishing.

The one labeled OLD is the first render of the design that my professor and I thought was the most successful sketch. I really liked how it turned out. I knew I wanted to keep the fish and the cross as focal points but I also loved the idea of people, representing fellowship, as the scales. When I was imaging the design I always thought of it with the gradients and drop shadows. But after critique it was obvious that gradients aren’t the best for scalability or variability. I was told to go back to basics and first make it black and white, then add colors.

It took me an inordinate amount of time to get to these six ideas. With number three being the most similar to my original sketch and one and two being my favorite adaptation. I emailed these revised ideas to my teacher with the side note that I liked the top three the best. My professor agreed and say number one for color and number three for black and white. I agreed, even though it is two different designs I think keeping both at this point is fine, the color could be for most renditions and the black and white could be for t-shirts or black and white restricted prints.

I then applied the design to stationary, envelopes and business cards. I will critique these this upcoming week and go from there.

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