Art for the Non-Artist

This past Saturday, Marywood hosted Art for the Non-Artist, an event in the art field for students to create many different kinds of art projects. These activities were made to be fun, simple projects that anyone, including those who consider themselves non-artists, could partake in and enjoy!

Some of the activities available at this event were hydro-dipping, tie-dye, canvas painting, shaving cream painting, and many more! The entire atmosphere of the event was fun and welcoming. It was a great opportunity for students at all different levels of art experience to spend time outside and create something fun and beautiful and help each other out.

I’ve included some images of different art projects students made at this event. Marywood hosts many art-related events throughout the year and I encourage all students to make the most of them! It’s a great opportunity to immerse oneself in art, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t make art very often or considers yourself a “non-artist”.

There are countless benefits to creating art, but the most important is that it’s fun! These events give you a perfect opportunity to experiment with art and may even encourage you to try creating art on your own in the future.

Art by: Kaytlin Girard, Bernadette Fertal, Corrine Cunningham

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