Art & Gaming Combined

As I was scrolling through Facebook, I came across a 360 VR video (yes, that means you can click and drag inside the YouTube window to explore different views!!) of Monet’s work. Although I have already talked of Monet and his work for Impressionism, I thought it is amazing to see one of his pieces being worked with modern technology. The video I found was on the Water Lily Pond created in 1899. It was done by an up-and-coming company called the Gigoia Studios, where they combine the arts with video game programming. They are stationed in Portugal and Brazil, and their works are pretty awesome.

This video only shows an overview of the game which allows viewers to walk around in paintings to get an even more intense understanding of works (brushstrokes, feeling, the subject, coloring, etc). It is so interesting to see this unique merge of video game programming combined with the arts.

Additionally, looking at their site, Gigoia Studios also has games on Fauvist and Surrealist works (and much more).

Not only is this company creating a great way to spread the significance of artworks and time periods, but it is also creating a great way to engage people into admiring/understanding art. There are some individuals who lack the patience to explore and look at artworks, individuals who don’t get the excitement of art, or individuals who don’t understand art. By using this unique method of combining gaming and animation with art, Gigoria Studios is impressively fitting art into our technologically modern world.

Feature Image from – All other works are from Gigoia Studios site and youtube

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