String Art

Before the fall semester began, my mom and I went to a string art class at a restaurant and bar by my home. I was really happy with the piece my mom and I choose but did not realize how hard it would be just because of how big and complicated the piece was.

The mastermind behind this class nailed all the nails in herself so we weren’t all there hammering away at a restaurant. She also provided hundreds of balls of string ranging in colors. There was also food provided! It was such a nice night out.

So my mom stringed the sun and moon and I stringed this beautiful tree with two birds. I used three colors of brown for the tree and two colors of red for the birds and a bit of yellow for the beaks.

Although it took us all three long hours with our fingers cramping we all finished.

I’m excited to see what other designs for class the will be!

2 thoughts on “String Art

  1. Aww I’m lisa the Instructor from this class. I love to see this posted . Thank you for your kind words !!! My company Just Stringing Around is proving to be a huge success thanks to people like yourself . .

  2. Hi Lisa! It was an amazing experience that my mom and I had. Also, your welcome! I can not wait to take another class when I am not swamped with school work!

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