Art Handling with The Met

Hello everyone!

For my internship, I have been researching various books and websites to create a curator’s guidebook for a small museum with no designated curator. This week I can across The Care and Handling of Art Objects: Practices in The Metropolitan Museum of Art by Majorie Shelley with contributions from curators of the museum.


Although the book was published in 1945, it is still amazingly useful and relevant 74 years later. It’s a rather short book about the dos and don’ts of handling art. Although in size it’s short, it’s plentiful in information. Every page gets straight to the point of equipping the reader with everything they need to know in order to safely handle art.

Honestly, I feel as though this book should be a requirement for all art students, from arts administration to art history to sculpture. When I was taking studio art classes as a freshman, no one ever showed us the proper way to carry something or hang something. An artist will gain little respect from the industry if they have little thumbtack holes in their work or smudged drawings.

Due to the age of the book, it is unfortunately no longer being printed. However, you can still find used copies for sale on Amazon and eBay if you wish to purchase a copy for yourself.

As always, thanks for the read! See you all next week!

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