Not too long ago I went on a service trip to Denver, CO for spring break. While I was there I saw printmaking displayed at Su Teatro, a theatre where I watched the play, Chicano Power 1969: The Birth of a Movement .

As I was thinking about what to make for my confirmation sponsor, my trip to Denver came to mind. The prints I saw have a lot of detail yet still give off a sense of simplicity. They are simple but also very powerful.

I became inspired especially by the linework that can be seen in the prints. I will be trying to replicate that look when I make the Thank You card for my sponsor.

Our Lady of Guadalupe

I will be using the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, whom I have chosen as my patron saint. Her image already has a lot of details, so my goal is to simplify and enhance the linework.

I started sketching this week but haven’t gotten any further than that. This project will be a challenge, as I usually stay away from intricate designs in fear that I will mess something up.

I’m up for the challenge and although time-consuming, in the end I hope it will all be worth it. I will keep you updated on my process as we near the Easter holiday.

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