Art History and A Movie

While relaxing this Fourth of July a friend of mine convinced me to kick back and to watch a movie called Monty Python and The Holy Grail. Now, I will admit at first I was not looking forward to this movie, as I am not the type to enjoy older movies in general. But, my friend said that this movie was a funny one and I decided to believe her.

Within the first five minutes of the movie I knew I was going to love it, even though the humor was rather basic. Not only did this movie take jokes at it’s own expense but it threw in a few works of art that added to the humor.

Seeing the monk working on the illuminated manuscript just to mess it up do to an odd scene outside was hilarious, and the paintings they threw in for cut scenes were hilarious in their own right.


From the smallest of jokes at medieval times to the entirety of the movie essentially being a joke it is a riot that is worth the watch, especially for an Art Student who will be able to get an extra laugh or two out of the watercolor moments thrown in to the work. Even if the directors or producers didn’t to it intentionally.

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