Art History Inspiration

I am currently taking History of visual communication, a class for graphic designs and illustration majors. When I start projects or new ideas, I rely on inspiration to fuel my creative brain. I am not the type of creative who can pull amazing and unique ideas from their head. I am the type of designer who does best when I look at really successful pieces and pick out elements and mash them all together to make my own. That is how I get most of my best work.

Here is just some of my favorite artists and pieces that I have been exposed to in this history class that I really enjoyed.

William Morris, English, and apart of the arts and crafts movement around 1850’s.

strawberry theif

Alphonse Mucha, apart of the art Nouveau movement in late 1890-1910.

Collection of Mucha ads

Ludwig Hohlwein, German who was apart of modern graphic design early 1910’s.

1912 audi ad

All of these are quite old in terms of modern art, but still extremely successful pieces. I enjoy my art history class just for the fact that get exposed to art I don’t think I would find on my own. I think the more great talent I am exposed to and can draw inspiration from, the better.

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