Integrative and Expressive Arts Therapy

Integrative therapy and expressive arts therapy are two therapies not unlike art therapy. Integrative therapy is when a therapist combines different theories, such as cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, and humanistic, to best help a particular client. Integrative therapy is used by art therapists because sometimes one approach will not work perfectly and it takes two approaches meshed together to help the client. Expressive arts therapy is when an Art Therapist combines multiple forms of therapies, such as music, dance, theater, etc., to best help a client.

Drama, Dance, and/or Music Therapists have the capability to work with Art Therapists and if done correctly the outcome is amazing. A Drama Therapist uses theater techniques to help the client personal growth. A Music Therapist helps the client achieve personal growth through making and experimenting with music. Music, Dance, Drama, and Art therapy do not train clients to be processionals; they simply use expressive means that allow the client to achieve personal growth and heal.

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