Weekend on the Farm

Hello everyone! I hope you have all enjoyed the warm weather! I spent most of my weekend outside enjoying the weather. So I thought I’d share what I photographed as I’m in between projects for school.

My little siblings and I spent time outside the whole weekend. We played in the sand, rode bikes, and spent time in the barn.

Throughout the weekend I took pictures of what caught my attention. Random things that caught my attention depending on what I was doing.

Here are some of the photographs I took.

Most of the picture above we taken while I was on the farm. Or from when I was out with my family when we took my little sister’s steer to get weighed in. I’m glad I was able to enjoy a weekend with weather in the 70s.

I hope you all were able to enjoy the weather! That’s all for this week! I’ll talk to you all next time!

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