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Hi everyone! I was scrolling through Instagram this week and came across a post by the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh about a new exhibition they have, so you know I just had to check it out. Their new exhibition is titled New to the Collection. It includes contemporary works that have become part of Carnegie’s collection since 2018. What I found really interesting was the overall idea and background to putting this exhibition together.

What the Carnegie Museum of Art is doing is putting together these works and discovering that each and every work that comes into the collection has some effect on the whole. As each piece comes in it not only changes what the collection represents but it also changes what art as a whole means. It’s these changes and different meanings that we are reflecting on now, but how will we look at the art years from now?

As someone who loves and studies art history, I’m always looking to the past, studying works, and finding out what they mean. Something we might not think about today though, is art history as of right now. How is the art that is being made now going to be interpreted later on? How will it be received in the future? How will those in the future be affected by today’s art and what impact will it have? We are constantly studying works of the past and try to see what their meaning is, what factors went into creating the piece, and how all of that affected society at that moment. It’s really interesting to think about how we study art history now and how we’ll be doing it in the future.

I’ll leave you to think about today’s art and how people will interpret it in the future, or maybe you’ll think about how people will understand your very own art!

Have a great week!

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