Tahlia Stanton

Hi everyone, hope you’ve had a great week! This week I’d like to show you an artist I recently found on Tik Tok, Tahlia Stanton. Stanton describes herself as a pop-expressionist painter located in Australia. Her work is inspired by freedom, authenticity, and the vibrancy of life itself. She has stated that she is just happy to be alive and be able to experience all that life has to offer. Her paintings reflect this overwhelming joy and abundance of the world.

Here are some of my favorites of Stanton’s paintings:

Stanton begins her paintings with translucent acrylics to get the base colors. She then goes over this with oil paint, alternating between opaque and translucent strokes. She often goes in with Posca paint pens and oil pastels, and even uses spray paint and sheets of gold leaf. I really love the translucency she talks about. I think that it makes her paintings open and shows the ever changing nature of the world. My favorite part of her paintings is that she often leaves parts of the figure for the eye to complete. You can see this especially in the hand of the first piece, The Next Step. Stanton has left this almost blank, allowing it to blend into the background, only brought to life by the faint outlines of fingers. This starkly contrasts with the vibrant definition of the face.

Stanton’s abstract style makes for a composition that keeps your eye moving across the canvas, searching for every little detail or part of it. Her pieces feel liberating, almost like the women featured are in the process of self discovery. I think Stanton definitely captures the joys of the world in her pieces with her loose, vibrant brushstrokes.

If you love Stanton’s paintings as much as I do, be sure you check out her website and Instagram. And please check out this Tik Tok she posted to see one of her paintings come to life!

Featured Image from https://www.tahliastanton.com/

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