Art in the Electric City

It will be my fourth year living in Scranton, Pennsylvania soon, and by this time I have picked up on some of the many things that makes this town special. I know the lingo of the locals. I know Scranton sticks to tradition. And I know the one special day that art lovers wait for every month in Scranton—First Friday.

Every first Friday of the month Scranton holds a cultural night of art and music. Local artists display their work among the many gallery spaces in downtown Scranton. There are many art pieces viewed, many foods eaten, and many music listened to on First Friday.view of people viewing artwork in gallery

Sadly, I have not been able to attend a First Friday in longer than I have wished. Last Friday however, despite the assignment list I had lined up for the week, I made attending First Friday a priority for the start of my weekend. First Friday although a fun event to kick off the month is not just that. It is a necessity for local artists. It is important for artwork to be displayed to the public in order to see if the public is attracted towards what one has created or not. It gives local artists a chance to promote themselves and bring business. It is a time for inspiration to be absorbed. First Friday has no limits of what it displays. This past first Friday I saw beautifully painted skulls and other artwork inspired of of the Spanish culture’s Day of the Dead.

I love living in a city so rich in its history as well as a city where the arts are at the center of it. Living in Scranton has allowed me to see how the arts are taken as priority and well respected. Art provides social nights and many events in Scranton, First Friday being one of the most popular. I have loved my time in this electric city and have loved the art my eyes have seen here as well.

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