Design is a Sign of Support

This week everyone has been affected greatly by the attacks in Paris. Although this event is a lot to process for all of us, I think it is absolutely amazing how design has become a way to show support for Paris. peace for parisAlmost immediately people used social media to share graphics to show support for the city. Illustrations of the Eiffel Tower in a peace sign became one of the main ways for people to reach out their support for the citizens of Paris. This is a way that people can show their concern and support even if they don’t have the words to express it. Designs like these create a universal language that can bring us altogether in a time like this. I think sharing symbols like these are going to be the future of charity and supporting others. That’s why us graphic designers have to continue to work hard to create things that words alone cannot describe. These illustrations can be so powerful. When I looked down and saw the Eiffel Tower peace sign just quickly drawn on the sidewalk, it took my breath away.

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