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Week 12 Rant

Terrorism is just pure evil! I will just show strength by not empowering or giving it any more publicity. So it was a busy week again. The closer we get to finals the more projects and papers that are due. I did get a few photo shoots in this week so my mood is getting better. I had to go to Philadelphia to get my Visa for my upcoming study abroad trip. Paperwork is all done, so that is a big load off my mind. The Italian consulate building is amazing. I think I will have to make another trip there to take more photos of it. I did try my first actual cheesesteak from Philly. This time I tried Pat’s King of Steaks. The language they use is definitely not American and close to being not of this world. What is a “wit wiz?” Don’t ask me but I ate it and loved it! Next time I will try the place right across the street.

Marywood class update

Color Photography:
We had our Portrait critique, and it went a lot better than I thought. We are working on a new project called Color as Subject/Contact in the Banal (I am told that it means ordinary or i say really boring). For that, I shot some stuff outside but this time of year there isn’t much color in nature unless you just like grey photographs. So I will be working hard and shooting a lot.

Advertising Photography:
We had our critique on our Jewelry project, and I made a big improvement from the last critique. I think Pete’s pep talk worked. No longer can I just ‘get by’; I need to step it up a bit. Our next project on Food Photography should be fun. For those that don’t know me, after I retired from the Army, I went to culinary school, so I better be able to create a food composition. The first photograph here is of my Gumbo, and the second is a tomato relish encrusted pork loin. Both were pretty tasty, I know my wife is having a full belly helping me with this project.

Intaglio Printmaking:
Finishing up my Drypoint prints. Here are a couple of my classmates and Peter Hoffer just having fun. I really enjoy this class. Peter makes it very fun to learn the different techniques, so if you are looking for a studio class take Intaglio Print Making!

I have another busy week ahead so, see you next week and keep searching for that light!

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