Art in Your Hand

Ask anyone who knows me and they will confirm the fact that I tend to keep some odd things. Lately I have found that there are many bottles and cans that have unique designs that interest me.

When looking at the designs, I find that some are simple with an outline of the fruit that is held within the bottle. Others only use captivating colors and simple shapes to make the bottle or can appealing to the eye. Though it may just be a marketing plot, there is a creative mind behind each design, and inspiration for another creative bottle

Some bottles have more intricate designs which show the hard work and care it took to craft the product. Wine bottles tend to have these intricate designs to appeal to a more sophisticated audience. When glancing at my grandparents’ recycle pile, my eye was attracted to a particular wine bottle with a peculiar design on it. The picture had much more detail than any other wine bottle I had seen and I wanted to turn it into something I could display instead of leaving it for the recycling pile.

I was able to use the bottle as a decorative light and put a set of string lights inside the bottle so the design was highlighted and the bottle was given new life. Many bottle designs whether intricate or simple can turn an ordinary and disposable object into unexpected inspiration. Just look around you and pay attention to the details of anything you can lay your eyes on even if it’s just a bottle or can. Remember that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

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