Fun Before School

So this week was another busy week for me. My dad and I went to a Phillies vs the Mets game. We’re Mets fans and thankfully they won! I haven’t been to a baseball game sense I was about 10 yrs old, I forgot how fun yet also how boring they could get after awhile.

Then, over the weekend, I hung out with my friends for an early birthday party celebration before they leave for college. Of course, they all had to leave right before my birthday. So, I made them do something I love which is painting and I took them to the place where I been painting ceramics for the past few weeks. They actually all really enjoyed it and were really into it. I had to help with making straight lines but other than that I think they all did good for their first time! My friend Ryan painted a shark bank and turned it into the Joker with the suit and the smile. My friend Freddie painted a frog cup that honestly looks like it saw something that it should not have seen. My boyfriend, Jordan, painted a simple and cute whale bank and I painted a pumpkin that I can put a tealight candle in. Since fall is coming I wanted something decorative in my room for the fall season. I’m really happy to have friends like them who would do stuff like this for me!

Finally, I ended this week with a bee meeting. I learned with other group members how to uncap honeycombs and how to extract the honey. I found it really cool how well these tools and devices worked and how easy. I could only wonder how much work this took back then when we had the honey extracted in minutes.

In the end, it was a very fun and informational week. Unfortunately, my best friends leave in a few days so hopefully something interesting will happened between them being gone and before I move back onto Marywood’s campus for the upcoming fall semester.

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