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For me Instagram has always been a platform for people to share photos significant to them with others. It was nothing to take seriously, just a place to post silly pictures. Then I got to college and discovered that many art students have Instagram’s for their art. My first thought was “why?” I didn’t see the point in sharing your art on Instagram, because to me Instagram was not serious platform so everything posted won’t be taken seriously. But the more I looked into it, the more I realized that it was not, in fact, a platform that no one takes seriously. Artist were using Instagram as a way to put their artwork out there!

The art Instagram world is a place to get connections. There are people who repost your art and gets it seen by the entire art Instagram community. I would even imagine that some employers look for art that impresses them. The recent generations are easily contacted on social media and they always know who’s hiring.

Finding out all of this, I decided to make my own art Instagram. Right now the only thing on it is my photography. My major is Graphic Design but I wanted to get my photography out there first. Eventually I will post all kinds of art. I’m currently working on making my account page professional. I am developing my personal logo so my artwork has a watermark because you can never be too careful. Instagram is a very public platform and artwork can get stolen but if you take the right precaution that is less likely to happen.

Also, as a Marywood art student, if you follow MarywoodArtDept on Instagram and use the hashtag #MarywoodArt on posts of your work, there is a good chance that your artwork will get reposted there!


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