Making Magical (Water) Art

In this week’s blog I’ll be talking about an event that changed my life for the better forever; completing the Disney College Program in Disney World!


The Disney College Program is a semester-long paid internship in either Disney World in Florida or Disneyland in California. You move away and live in a Disney-owned apartment with up to 7 other roommates. You get offered a job such as custodial, merchandise, attractions or food and beverage, and you basically work full-time, weekends and holidays included. You can also sign up for exclusive seminars while you’re in the program (I highly recommend taking one!) because you can learn a lot about Disney’s history. The best perk, I think, about working for the mouse is getting free access to all 4 parks and waterparks. I participated in the Fall 2017 College Program, and I was down in Florida for 5 months! I lived through hurricane Irma and *gulp* the Holiday season in Disney World. The College Program is basically a foot in the door with Disney. It spruces up a resume no matter what job you had while you were down there, and makes a great conversation starter, because who doesn’t want to hear about what it’s like to work at the Happiest Place on Earth?

When I was down there I worked custodial at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort (maybe I’m biased, but it’s the BEST resort) and I loved it! At first, custodial sounds about as un-exciting as you can get, but I got to interact with guests, and create WATER ART at work! This role is the only role that allows you to create Disney water art while you work! I had to be trained in order to draw in front of guests, because there was a very specific way the characters had to be drawn. After I was certified, I was given a special broom and a dustpan filled with water and I would draw Mickey and Minnie on the ground! I had to be quick, because the Florida sun evaporated the water pretty fast. It was always a highlight of my day when I got to create art and magic at Disney World. If there were children around watching, I would ask if they wanted to help me finish the art! I loved seeing the look on their faces as they filled in Mickey’s nose or mouth with water, finishing the masterpiece!


There were ups and downs on my program, but this experience is one I will never forget! I would love to help answer any questions about working for Disney or about the College Program! You can reply below with any questions and I’ll reply back, or go to the Disney College Program website at

Have a magical day!

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