Note To Self

Artist block is something that we have all experienced since it is part of the creative process

For me, it creeps up usually when I take a break from my artwork. A few days away and suddenly I’m left trying to figure out how to get back into it. Sometimes it’s as simple as flipping through people’s work online that gives me the push I need, but most often not.
The thing I have learned about inspiration is that it’s best when you don’t look for it. Instead, I try to make sense of little everyday things, happy accidents and signs that I know we’re meant for me because without them I would be running in circles. Maybe it’s desperation, when you feel like you’ve been searching and looking you eventually get to a point where you’re just tired. Then you’re willing to make sense of really just about anything. You do this because you need to. If you don’t, days begin to fade into one another, weeks turn into months faster than you thought possible and suddenly time has come and left. This could have been creative time, sketchbook and research time, trial and error and finished pieces, this could have been your time. It can be so simple, why do we make things so hard for ourselves? Like hearing a line in a song that resonates with us. That’s something we have all felt before, so why not base a whole picture off of that line, a palette, a figure, a feeling, an entire series!
So my advice to myself this week is to stop patiently waiting for “something” to happen and start realizing everything that is. Turn up the music, embrace the subtleties, and practice hitting the curveballs because the universe is listening and watching and knows exactly what I need when I need it.

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