Summer Internship

This upcoming week I will be starting my summer internship at the Allentown Art Museum! I am very excited to meet everyone and get some real world experience about being an art administrator.

Before I started, I had to complete some forms for them before I start. These forms are typical for most jobs and I have done them before for previous jobs. The forms are a Child Abuse Clearance Check and a PA Criminal History Check. They only took a few days to get back to me with the results, when sometimes they take longer.

Other then preparing for this internship, I haven’t been able to do much art of my own. I did however buy this small plaque from the dollar store. I have been working so much that I am too tired to do anything when I come home so I figured I could bring this to work and do some sketches on it. Then if it comes out good I will figure out what to do from there!


Featured Image:

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