Art is All Around Us

One of the biggest aspects of my teaching philosophy, and how I view everyday life, is that art is everywhere; you don’t have to look far for it to find it. Someone created the design for the chair you’re sitting on to read this post. The clothes you’re wearing were meticulously designed by someone. And the novel you’re reading was written by someone who put their heart and soul into the storyStaring at Pizza they created, and so much more. Take a second and look around, indulge in your scenery, and reflect on how beautiful each and every thing is. Whether man (or woman) created it or it’s a part of nature, so many things surrounding us in day to day life are pieces of art.

This weekend I had the opportunity to go to Scranton’s La Festa Italiana and munch on a very important form of art—Italian food and pastries. The pizza that I devoured on Saturday was hand crafted by a man who’s area of expertise just happens to be pizza making. Remember to take a minute and appreciate what is created around you, no matter how insignificant you may think it is, because art can be found in everything from your favorite crust on a pizza to the smile on the Mona Lisa.  So step back and take the opportunities to explore the beauty in the world, art surrounds us on a daily basis.  If you’re not paying attention it may pass you by, just as life will.  Take a minute to step back and look at all that is around you, cease every opportunity that is given to you to explore the finer beauty in life.

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