Back and in Business!

If anyone actually follows me on here for my ceramics, well you’re in luck! I’m back and in business! I finally got back into the studio this week, and my heart is truly happy. I sat myself in the studio for a few hours, and also had my Ceramics I class, and tahdah! There’s work to show!

I threw what a I knew: mugs! I know no matter what, mugs are always useful to have. People just love them. But, I did go out of my comfort zone and I tried some new shapes! A lot of these mugs were altered after I took them off of the wheel. I feel like once you can throw on center and make a perfect “cup”, it’s time to switch it up and break the rules a bit! I think I’m going to make a series of cups/mugs that are all a little different, but flow together somehow. I also saw an image of a ceramic wine cup with a short little stem, and I am in love! I definitely want to make a set or two of these for myself, and for gifts! I also made a little jar, which I’m pretty excited about!

After I took a few of these mugs off the wheel, I squished them by pushing the sides in, where my fingers would naturally fall. I was concerned that once it was time to trim these mugs, it would be hard to center them again since I had altered them. Thankfully, trimming wasn’t too difficult of a feat. After I trimmed them, I handled them! Handles are still not my favorite, but I’m going to try and make myself love them this semester. I’m so happy to be back and in the swing of things guys!

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