Printmaking Progress

Last week was the first week of classes for the fall 2017 semester. I got to get a feel for what to expect from my Printmaking class. It seems like it will be fun to try out some of the things the instructor has planned. One of the first things is making a print on fabric. The process is called screen printing because it involves using a screen to transfer the design onto the fabric or paper.

The first thing we were instructed to do was come up with a design we would like to use. I designed scales made up of a couple of swirls. Then we had to transfer the image to a clear sheet using a printer. I really wasn’t sure how to do that so the teacher gave me a piece of the clear sheet. This sheet was different because there was a film of red on the top. I had to trace my design on the film and peel away the negative space around it. That’s as far as I’ve gotten until the next class but I hope to have the project done soon!

scales of justice

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