Back to School

Since it’s back to school time, I’m excited to talk about the classes I’m taking for illustration this semester and some of the projects that we will be doing! Hopefully this helps any students interested in Marywood who want to know more about the classes and projects you will being doing within the illustration program. This year I will be a junior and I am taking Introduction to Graphic Design, Painting II, and General Illustration II.

Like Painting I, Painting II is going to be a very relaxing class where we are going to be painting landscapes, still lifes, and figures. Instead of using oil paint like we did in Painting I, we need acrylic and a set of brushes that work with acrylic paint.

Introduction to Graphic Design may not be illustration itself but the two areas are very similar to each other and taking this class is going to expand my knowledge on using Illustrator. We already know what our projects are going to be which will help with learning typography, which is good for any illustration major to know, design, and generating ideas.

Finally I am most looking forward to General Illustration II which is exactly what it sounds like. We are going to be using our illustration skills for many different types of projects like book covers, album covers, character design, etc. Materials could be anything you want them to be, and is going to be a great class for experimenting with new tools out of our comfort zone.

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