First Project

Though it has only been the first week of school, I already have a photography project! This project is for my Color Photography II class. The project is about taking photographs of whatever you want and then altering them in five different ways.

The five ways that we have to alter them are exaggerated color saturation, the color is desaturated, changing specific colors and altering them, alter the color cast, and make the image black and white. All of these alters are pretty easy to do, so it didn’t take me too long to alter six good photographs in all five ways.

So I decided that I was going to take photographs of what I love best, nature. I went to one of the many of lakes that surround the Scranton area. Even though I had many photographs from that photo shoot, I wanted to use my one photograph that I took when I went to Bushkill Falls. I wanted to see how different that photograph would look like after using the alterations from the project.

Some of the color alterations turned out to be very interesting. Just intensifying the saturation can make the photograph look like it’s from a different world. What also makes one of these alterations interesting is that I only altered certain colors certain colors. Some of the colors I altered were the greens and reds. Since these were the only colors I altered, the rest of the photograph looks the same, but an entirely different photograph.

This is why I love Photoshop. Photoshop helps photographers, not only edit, but create photographs. If Marywood University didn’t have any Photoshop classes I don’t believe that I would be as good as a photographer as I am today. I know a lot of different and complex Photoshop techniques that many others have to teach themselves. Thankfully, I got the opportunity to be taught all of these techniques.

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