Art is Truly Everywhere!

Like many other college students, I am an avid Instagramer and I recently saw a post by the Metropolitan Museum of Art that made my entire day!

I am not just a huge fan of art and its history but I am also a huge fan of the Harry Potter series. I do not know about you but when my interests mix, that makes me very happy!

There is a scene in “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” that displays “The Unicorn in Captivity” hanging in Hogwarts. It is the scene specifically when Ginny is taking Harry to the Room of Requirement, which is a room that is purposed for hiding things, and, as they are going in the room, the tapestry is hanging right there in front of them!

The piece is one of seven beautiful tapestries that date back to the 16th Century. Typically tapestries purpose for decoration and display either biblical scenes or historical scenes. I find it highly interesting and exciting a work such as this appeared in one of my favorite movie series. It is certainly the little things that make me appreciate art more and more each day!

And yes, if anyone is wondering, I did find the scene in the movie and watch it just because I did not notice the first time around when watching the film!

Featured image:

Picture of Ginny with the tapestry:

Picture of “The Unicorn in Captivity”:

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