First Friday with a Special Addition

First Friday is an event that I have written about before for my blog posts about Off Campus News, and I think its a good one to write about because it happens every First Friday of the month and it has to do with art!

The First Friday show this month had a special addition to it; the annual Italian Festival, La Festa Italiana, was going on this weekend as well! There was a lot that happening downtown. Between the Italian food booths, the art exhibits, and the live music it was a great night.

The exhibits that I visited this particular First Friday were the AFA Gallery which had two exhibits that I really enjoyed. One of the exhibits, Diverse Dimensions, had the art work of Peter Hoffer, one of the art professors here at Marywood University. Another exhibit upstairs in the same gallery had a show that was called the Interdependence Hexagon Project. I didn’t know what the Hexagon Project was until I read the little brochure that was near all the art work. The Hexagon project is a project for all students around the world to participate in that helps students look at different world issues. If you would like to read more about there project visit

Another one of the exhibits that I went into was one where this artist drew pictures of trees by scribbling. You can’t tell that there are scribbles from far away; the just look like beautiful landscapes. Once you get up close to look at the pictures, however, you can see the incredible detail that makes them so beautiful to look at.

Below are pictures from all the exhibits that I went to! Enjoy!

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