Art of Recreation

Hello everyone! This week I wanted to talk about a concept I learned a few years ago called Tableaux. It’s the process of recreating a scene, story, historical event, artworks, with models. I made my own once based on Caravaggio’s A Boy Peeling Fruit.

This is a fun, and kind of difficult, process. However, the end results of the works are always amazing to look at. I found some art works that were interestingly recreated (


I also saw a video of models recreating Caravaggio’s paintings live and it was so harmonious and graceful. It was recreated by an Italian Theater Company, Ludovica Rambelli Teatro, called La conversione di un cavallo23 Tableaux Vivants dalle opere di Caravaggio, or Tableaux Vivants. It took me around 50 pictures to try to get a decent tableaux, so I can only image the time and commitment that went into creating this theatrical representing of Caravaggio’s artworks.

Feature Image from


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