Getting Started (Again)

Hello everyone,

Moving into the Spring Semester, I’m excited to be wrapping up most of my liberal arts electives as well as diving into my newest internship.

This semester is going to be more intensive on art histories which is very exciting for me. This week will introduce me to a class with Dr. Irwin on Northern Italian Renaissance art history, as well as a course on the History of Photography with a professor that I have not met yet. This semester will also wrap up all my business electives, leaving me with plenty of time to focus on art and art history next year.

Old Mill Village is a quaint little historical society that focuses on the rich local history of Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania and brings it to life with historical re-enactments. They are home to a plethora of artifacts from arrowheads to human skulls, and I have to say, it’s been quite a transition from handling Warhols to handling skulls. I attended my first board meeting last week, everyone seemed to be very welcoming and enthusiastic about my intentions.

As an Arts Administration major, I am required to complete an internship within a gallery setting, a museum setting, and a historical preservation setting. I just completed my gallery setting with The Maslow Collection and Old Mill Village will be serving as my historical preservation, so if anyone has any neat ideas for my museum internship, feel free to leave me a suggestion below!

I also can’t forget to note this semester is also a big one for many of the architecture/interior architecture students at Marywood! They arrived safely in Italy on January 9th and will be studying abroad in Florence for 4 months. I’ve already gotten so many gorgeous pictures of the Italian streets, architecture, and arts, and I wish them all the best of luck and a safe trip home when the time comes.

I apologize for a fairly lack-luster post this week, with things wrapping up fairly quickly with my degree- I’ve been pondering the seemingly limitless options that are available to me. Seems like the ultimate question continues to come down to bachelors vs. multiple bachelors vs. masters vs. doctorate as well as moving to a big city vs. home.

This week is also my trip to the New England states, so be prepared for lots of pictures next week!

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