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The first Fridays event was amazing and thank you to the ones who was able to make it. I highly encourage everyone participate in the first Fridays, there’s always amazing artists showcasing their work. I even have some good news, I was able to sell one of my painting during the show!

Today I was thinking about some ways that I could promote my art and I thought I would share it with you as well. Think about using your portfolio to promote your art. Here are some general guidelines for portfolio development:

Each high exposure photograph should be well executed and visually compelling. Remember, in marketing art it’s the visual that will count the most. Also each image should be accompanied by succinct and captivating text. Details such as size, media, and title should be included, as well as a brief description of the work. One of the best ways to catch a potential buyer’s interest is to tell the story behind the artwork.

Promote your art with a strong internet presence. In every industry, digital marketing is becoming more and more relevant, and this is no different in the art world. Digital marketing can take several different forms:

Online galleries like ARTmine are becoming the norm and provide a great venue for promoting your art by attracting the attention of new collectors and art enthusiasts. Social media has become a powerful tool for both reaching new fans and staying in touch with established ones. Setting up business accounts/pages on such sites as Facebook and Instagram is a great way to generate and maintain interest in your work as it evolves.

I hope you enjoy some of my helpful tips until next time.

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