Installing A Gallery

This past weekend I assist other members of Zeta Omicron with installing the upcoming show in the gallery in Insalaco, the opening night being this Tuesday. It was really interesting seeing the process of how the art is hung, the lights are set up, the whole nine yards.

There was first the planning of where the art will be placed in the set up. Which pieces should appear next to one another on the little alcoves. Quite a lot of thought went into the placement of the work and it was interesting trying to find similarities between pieces – seeing which ones complemented on another best.

Next, there was the task of hanging the art. It’s center should be at eye level which, if I am rembering right requires one to measure the piece and then add 60 inches to the halfway point and then hang at that spot, as well as hang in the center of the wall. It gets more complicated when there is more than one piece on the wall or a canvas or frame is being hung which has an extra inch or so ledge above the hanging spot.

I enjoyed seeing how the lights were placed and art was placed to make it all cohesive. Come to the gallery this week to see for yourself. Until next week!

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