Art with Artists

This past fall break I had forced myself to stay on campus while everyone went home because I knew this was my only hope at getting work done. I needed to recollect myself from the craziness of the beginning of the semester now as we are already midway through. I needed to finally sit down and make some art. And I needed to shorten my dreaded list of grad schools so I am that much closer to picking my top three. This was all easier said than done.

However there was a nice treat waiting for me at the end of fall break to reward me for my productivity over the long weekend. A few fellow art therapy majors and I were going to get together for some light snacking and light painting along with massive amounts of chit chatting. I am always excited to get together with these girls because our schedules, although have the same ending degree, have scattered as some of us have gone abroad or taken a different sequence of courses. The madness of going down our own paths to get our undergraduate degrees has given each of us massively different schedules.

I enjoy getting together with these girls to not only catch up on life but to catch up on where we want art therapy to take us. To talk about how our own artwork has been. To discuss portfolio review and the anticipation of senior show. To vent about our most recent confusion of the graduate application process. Whenever a professor in my earlier undergraduate years had addressed that building relationships with people who will be my future colleagues as something very beneficial, I felt I almost shrugged that tidbit aside. It hasn’t been until more recently where I have seen that these relationships are so important, not just for my future but for myself as a person.

It makes me so happy to be able to have good friends with a passion for art therapy where we can talk about future treatments and create art with one another. We truly have a bond that encourages me in the field of art therapy and in life. We all had a nice night of painting, creating, talking, and eating. All of my favorite things in one night.


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