A Touch of Purple and Gold

On October 7th, 2015, Zeta Omicron held their annual member art show/social in the Kresge Gallery located in the lobby of the Insalaco Center for Studio Art. This show featured pieces created by Zeta members in different art majors with different mediums. The night started with conversation and light refreshments, and then each member explained their pieces to the attendees. While mostly Zeta members attended, friends of the club and students in other majors came as well.

This was the second year that Zeta Omicron held a member art show, and I think that this year’s show attracted more non-art majors, which means that the club is succeeding in promoting art across campus.

Speaking as a Zeta member myself, I can say that putting together this show took a lot more work than one might think. It may seem like we just threw together some art, which, yes, is a part of it. But once we got all the pieces together, we had to hang/display them which took a few hours. Hanging pieces involves a lot of measuring and precision, and some people don’t realize that you can’t just eye it. You also have to carefully decide where each piece goes in the gallery space. You might not want two similar black & white photos together, or the red in an oil painting might distract from a nearby pastel piece. I channeled my inner curator/Bob Schweitzer (curator of The Maslow Collection) that day and I think it paid off!

The show is still hanging and I highly recommend going to visit it between classes. There is something for everyone. If you like unique mediums, check out Mariah Robbins’s batik she made while studying abroad in Italy. If jewelry is more of your thing,  blogger Alyssa Wood has a necklace with little bows that she called “Girlhood.” And if you like a good ol’ oil painting, Tristan Tregaskis has a few you might like, including a colorful model study.

If you are interested in joining Zeta Omicron, Marywood’s art honor society, shoot this year’s President, Alyssa Wood, an e-mail at zetaomicronkappapi@gmail.com. We’d be happy to have you!

Photo courtesy of Emma Pilon.

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