Artist Block: An Artists’ Worst Enemy

Hello everyone! In this week’s blog I shall be discussing something that probably a lot of artists have experienced and that is artist block. It’s something every artist dreads and struggles with when making art. I will be explaining what artist block is and ways you can inspire yourself to get past it.

What Is Artist Block, Exactly?

Artist block can be described as the loss of creative/artistic ability for a period of time or running out of ideas and not being able to think of anything to create. As an illustrator, I have had my experience with artist block a lot and I can tell you that…it sucks. It sucks when you go to create something and all of a sudden when you have your pencil and paper or whatever medium you prefer in hand…and your head is empty. No thoughts or ideas come to mind and you feel, well, blocked. Some people say that artist block is just an excuse for laziness, but that’s very untrue, it’s a real thing that artists all over the world go through at some point in their lives.

What Causes An Artist Block?

There are multiple reasons why an artist block can occur:

  • exhaustion (physically and mentally)
  • personal problems
  • criticism/rejection
  • lack of motivation
  • pressure
  • mental block (getting into your head too much)

How To Get Through Artist Block

Luckily, artist block doesn’t last forever and there are ways to push through! Here are some ways to get through artist block:

Listening To Music

Believe it or not, music is a good way to get inspired. Whether it’s instrumental, rap, pop, soul, or classical music, it helps to listen to music when you are thinking of ideas. It helps to play it in the background on a low volume because it keeps your brain awake. Who knows? Maybe your favorite song will inspire you to create something.

Creating A Mood Board

This may sound a bit cliche, but creating a mood board also gets creativity to flow. Print out pictures of your favorite artists’ work, colors, styles, fonts, even your favorite TV shows or musical artists if you want. You can put ANYTHING on a mood board that inspires you to get creative.

Go For A Walk

This may sound simple, but trust me when I say that it works. Sometimes you just have to move around and go into nature to get inspired. Get out of the house and just walk around your neighborhood to get anxious/negative thoughts out of your system. Negative thoughts block creativity and sometimes the best thing you can do is just get fresh air to clear your head.

Warm Up

It doesn’t matter what you draw, even if it’s just random lines and spirals or random words with abstract lines or shapes, it doesn’t matter. Just. Draw. Something. Even if it’s some sort of character that comes from a frustrated emotion. For example, I drew this bounty hunter elf when I was frustrated and wasn’t in a good place, but I drew my emotions out on paper to make my mind clear all the negative emotions out.

Artist block is one of the worst things you can ever experience as an artist, but just know that you will get through it.

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