Ceramic Artist: Stuart Gair

Stuart Gair is an American ceramic artist based in the mid-west United States and has worked at various schools and studios over the last few years. He has been in several resident artist programs and studied for his MFA at University of Nebraska, and received a BAS in history from University of Ohio.

“I make pottery that is intricately decorated and utilitarian in nature. It is important that each piece is approachable and highly functional to establish trust with the viewer and invite closer examination. As a student of history, I’m drawn to the essence of strength found in architecture, masonry and work that has endured through time. Surface treatment provides me the opportunity to explore these interests through the subtleties of architectural pattern, detail, and geometry.”

Gair’s work is really quite stunning and has an incredible amount of detail on the surface. In contrast to the appearance of his pottery Gair is able to do very little in terms of careful glazing and decoration. Instead he uses more traditional and old-school methods to treat the surface and create an aesthetic that looks much like historical pieces.

His pots are very much beautiful combining old and new looks into one, drawing the eyes with contrast and color and giving even more interest through tactile surfaces.

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