Artist Inspo: Zelda Devon

What’s up my peeps!

This week I was scourging the interwebs, looking around to find different things to inspire my and to grab hold of my bored brain. While going through a couple of other blogs and websites, I found a great female artist that goes by the name Zelda Devon. Currently working in LA, land of the free spirited, Zelda Devon does a lot of lettering and posters. Her work is a fantastic combination of bright colors that lead the eye around, and strong lines that help define shapes in such a way that you can forget you’re looking at mostly representative art.

I also found that I enjoyed her use of realism, combined with fantastical subjects. Her work Pomegranate, a reference to Hades kidnapping Persephone and keeping her as his queen in Hell, is a wonderful example of this. The Cerberus’ head spirals in lengthy strips, winding its way around Hades and Persephone. She floats in the air, while he reaches out to her in an unnatural way by facing us. Cool greens match her spring spirit, while red flowers in the foreground match the longing he has for his bride.


Pomegranate by Zelda Devon

A lot of her works are like this, beautifully put together, and very inspiring for those looking for something a bit different than their usual references. Check out her work by following this link and enjoy the treasures she has to provide!

Till next week guys, keep on drawing!

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