Rustic Coasters

This past week, I’ve been working on a new project. I wanted to create something special for my boyfriend who’s celebrating his birthday. He attends Siena College in the Albany area of upstate New York, and loves the school for everything it has to offer. I decided to create rustic coasters for his new apartment on campus with different logos on each. It wasn’t a terribly difficult process, but I will include the steps I took while working on it below.

I started with choosing six wood slices that were relatively the same size and big enough to comfortably place a drink on top of (a bag of wood slices can be bought at Hobby Lobby for a decent price). I then sanded each down on the side I wanted facing up to smooth out the surface.

IMG_8862.JPGMy next step was to work on the designs. I selected logos from the school that I knew wouldn’t be too difficult to burn but still looked nice. With the selection, I choose a wood slice in correlation to each logo so they could be displayed efficiently. After sketching the designs, I worked on the burning process.

IMG_9058.JPGWhen all were finished, I coated them in a clear polyurethane finish to protect the wood against any water damage. Once that dried, I cut and glued a felt piece to the bottom so as to prevent the wood from scratching any surfaces. And that was it! Overall, the project was a lot of fun to work on and came out looking great!


I take no credit in the creation of the Siena logos.

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