Artist Introduction: Amber Ye

Recently, as I scrolled through Pinterest, just admiring and hoping to be inspired by another great artist, I came across a digital painting I had to share. I usually find styles other professional artists work on and study, looking to practice and potentially add bits of their influence to finding my art style. After all, isn’t that what art style is? A collection of all the influential pieces coming together to form a puzzle that reflects you.

Art of Amber Ye

Amber Ye is an illustrator and concept artist from Beijing, China. Unfortunately, I was not able to find much about her, but it is clear she likes paintings that carry a traditional feel. Brush strokes that reflect the ones on a canvas, raw and textured.
There is a balance of soft and harsh brushes in her works—some consist of rich oil painterly sections while keeping the look of digital art.

She does not include line art but works with sketches. Adding above the sketches gives that soft, realistic, yet loose feeling. I follow a similar process: first, to do the sketch, flat colors underneath the sketch layer, then detailed work above the sketch layer. However, She does grayscale first, then moves to the colors, which seems useful.

Paint strokes are mindfully placed but not overly finished. The main focus, mainly the faces, is brought to attention through a smoother finished look.I find that technique not only time-saving but also a great way to add depth, Especially when it is done to the background.
After looking at her paintings, I will explore the use of textured brushes and, indeed, stare at more of her works. They are so full of colors and life. More of her artworks can be found at Artstation.

More of her works:

Thank you for reading the short artist introduction!

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