Swiss Design Project

This week in my Introduction to Typography class with Paul Georgetti, we learned about “Swiss Design” and are now creating a project based off of this style.

To learn more about Swiss Design, the background, and the distinctive features of this style, read this article I found from Print Magazine!

Project Specifications

So, for my project, we were all given fortune cookies, and have to create an 11″ x 17″ poster that includes the quote that was on the fortune, and one of the lucky numbers on the back. My fortune read, “A kind word warms for three winters”, and the number I chose was the number 4.

Fortune cookie paper that reads "A kind word warms for three winters."
My Fortune

I sat on some ideas for a while, and eventually was able to sketch up a few ideas, and come up with my color scheme. I knew I wanted to use Helvetica bold for my font since it is one of the most popular amongst the Swiss Designs.

Swiss Design is supposed to be bold, easily legible, and clean. This is why I went towards the sans serif font. I’ve always loved how pink, blue and yellow have looked together, I like how bold the colors are and how they contrast which is why I chose them. Below I attached some of my sketches from Procreate.

Digital sketches of project
Some sketches!

When I went into the computer lab on Thursday after my class to start working on these, I definitely ran into a few road blocks.

Design 1 is my favorite so far, but it could use some tweaks. Instead of using the word “for” I included the number 4. I’m not sure if it necessarily fits the project requirements. I’m going to come up with some alternate ways to incorporate the “4” into this design, but other than that, I know I need to change some of the legibility as well. For example, the “R” at the end of “WINTERS” looks like it could be an “F” or a “P”.

For Design 2, when researching, I found a few examples that included this blur effect. While I like the effect, I think the legibility is too difficult for this many words. I noticed after creating this one, that in all the examples I saw, it was only one or two words. Design 3 is the same design, just with a white stroke around the words. The legibility is better, but aesthetically I’m unsure if I like it.

Design 4 is fun! It’s definitely growing on me. I think I want to play around with the background, or move the text around, because I feel like it’s a little busy, but other than that, I think this design is fun.

Design 5 is simple but very easily legible (I actually utilized this technique in another project I am working on, that I can’t show you all yet šŸ˜‰ ). This “distortion” of the letters is something that is often seen in Swiss Design. While I like this one, it feels boring. I might work on this one and add a little bit to it, but keep it clean.

Luckily, this project isn’t due until Wednesday, the 18th, so I have time to refine my ideas, and boil it down to one.
Let me know which one is your personal favorite!

Thanks for reading!

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