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Hello everyone!

Now that we are a month deep into summer vacation, it’s becoming a little more difficult to come up with topics to write about in relation to art and school. It feels almost as though I’m back in the adult world so it’s a little strange, and very hard, to have to come up with your own ideas. Ideas for work, ideas for writing, ideas in general are almost melting away from the palm of my hand!

I did find a cool magazine though, called Artist, that sort of sparks back all sorts of inspirations, ideas, and they even provide projects and and interviews with artists. I really enjoy getting the magazine once a month, it’s almost like a little present to myself. Normally they’re pretty college student wallet friendly, but I got them for cheaper through a subscription.

Getting them in the mail once a month, I love the bright and fun covers they have, and the topics always seem to central around some theme. Last month was about music, and they had recommendations for songs to listen to while making art. They talked about pieces that had been inspired by music. They also had suggestions on creating a piece of art revolving around instrumental music, a project we had previously worked on in my Visual Concepts class with John Meza.

IArtist's Magazine also really enjoy the page where it asks if you think you can make something like an example they’ve made. In a food related issue, there was of course a painting about food. They then asked you questions like “How would you make this,” and  “when you think of a kitchen, what does it look like.” It gets you thinking about how you can make your own setup, because when you think of a chair, for example, not everyone thinks of the same kind. Questions like these help build your artist library, your mental collection of different things you can draw.

I think the magazine is really fun, and something that I always look forward to. Hopefully some of you can get signed up, and we can talk about the newest issues together! Have a great week!

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