02Every year around this time, Glens Falls, NY has an art and crafts festival known as the LARAC, or Lower Adirondack Regional Arts Council. Vendors can rent tents for the weekend and sell their artwork or whatever food or service they provide. If I had to compare the LARAC to Scranton events, I would say it’s like a cross between First Friday Scranton and La Festa Italiana, the Italian Food Festival.

03.jpgThere are a wide range of tents selling ceramics, paintings, jewelry, wood carvings, clothing, food, wine, and more. It’s a great place to become familiar with the local artists and pick up a few business cards while you browse the tents. Many are from the Adirondack area, but some travel quite a distance to be a part of the festival. There was one tent that came from Virginia just for that weekend.

01My favorite set up was a wood carver who specialized in wildlife furniture. He made benches, side tables, and coffee tables, all of which had some creature found in the design. It was all beautifully done and a unique twist on furnishings.

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